I’m Not As Lazy As I Used To Be

I wear a few hats, that is when I can be bothered to dress from top to toes and make myself useful.

Just lately, I’ve been given the opportunity to do a little podcast journalism and commentary with PsychJourney.com. Mostly I read interesting books and get to pick the brains of the authors for my own enlightenment. But PsychJourney’s set-up means the whole deal is recorded and posted here, so everyone can hear what these authors had to say.

Last week, I interviewed best-selling author, Darcey Steinke, on her memoir, EASTER EVERYWHERE. She’s a very good writer and she says we’ll have a drink when next she’s in my neighborhood. (That’s an AuthorScoop behind-the-scenes exclusive.)

Stop by, if you’re so inclined. Ms. Steinke was a pleasure to talk to.

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  1. William Haskins Says:

    congratulations, jamie. i look forward to giving it a listen.

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