Wednesday Morning LitLinks

French author Marc Levy goes to bat for Turkish novelist charged with “insulting religious values”.

Principal placed on “indefinite leave” for marketing her steamy book on school campus.

The Post presents a slideshow of New York City’s ‘Poetry Whores’.

Kafka is back… as a puppet.

The Guardian Book Blog’s Adam O’Riordan muses on poets’ obsession with birds.

A group of authors has succeeded in gaining a four-month extension of the deadline to “opt out or object to” the Google Book Search settlement.

Today in Literature: On this day in 1980, Alfred Hitchcock died.

4 Responses to “Wednesday Morning LitLinks”

  1. Michael Says:

    Crazy Fortunes? Good title. No wonder she won the Lawrence PTA’s Harold Robbins Award for Literary Achievement By a Faculty Member.

    I wonder if that principal is hot. That story needs a photo. For now, I am picturing an early 80′s Sybil Danning.

    And just last week there was a story about a 20 year old high school cheerleading coach fired for posing in Playboy (

    It’s like the education system is finally reaching the true potential that I always imagined for it.

  2. William Haskins Says:

    can’t help you with a pic. but i did find this at amazon:

    About the Author

    Beth Gannon attended Seton Hall University, interned on Capitol Hill for a U.S. congressman, and volunteered at the 2000 Republican convention. In between summer adventures, she has taught eighth grade, been a district curriculum coordinator, and is now in her second principalship.

  3. Michael Says:

    With that kind of resume, I would have also expected her to be a church elder and not just a… ahem… lay person.

  4. William Haskins Says:

    i dunno… lynne cheney wrote some pretty hot stuff…

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