Thursday Morning LitLinks

Harvey Pekar and his weird autobiographical comics hit the Internet with The Pekar Project.

Dan Baum presents the latest installment of “when authors attack”, detailing Rebecca Solnit’s displeasure at his recent review of her work.

Alan Bissett, writing for the Guardian Books Blog, makes a compelling case for a “new era of sexual modesty” in literature.

Opponents of the Google Book deal are “circling the wagons”.

Richard Lea cringes at the growing trend of writers being marketed based on appearance.

Just how green is the Kindle?

Alison Flood remembers Dominick Dunne.

R.I.P. Sergei Mikhalkov, author and poet.

R.I.P. Elie Greenwich, songwriter.

Today in Literature: On this day in 1841, James Fenimore Cooper’s The Deerslayer was published.

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  1. Jamie Mason Says:

    Wow. Rebecca Solnit certainly was angry about Dan Baum’s review – or at least that one small portion of it. On reading her rebuttal, her passion to defend her journalistic diligence makes sense, but hardly blows Mr. Baum out of the water.

    Her barely veiled accusation of his bigotry and the overall snide tone likely did her reputation more harm than good.

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