Site of the Day: D.A. Confidential

An Assistant District Attorney in Austin, Texas, writer, and aspiring novelist, Mark Pryor, has worked his blog, D.A. CONFIDENTIAL, into a research destination for writers digging up the net for legal verisimilitude.  It’s a one-stop shop for making sense of legalese and due process, and for also for gaining general knowledge and insight into what goes into the American justice process.

He’s peppered it throughout with tales of his own lawyering adventures while laying out a banquet of essays, book reviews, and expert interviews to provide food for the muse and maybe, just maybe, help the scribe to get it right. At least in the deviling details.

Stop by and say ‘hi’ and tell him, AuthorScoop sent you.

2 Responses to “Site of the Day: D.A. Confidential”

  1. William Haskins Says:

    great piece and great site. i’m a big fan of markesq.

  2. Stew Says:

    Thanks for the site link! Mark’s one of the good guys, so I’m excited to see his site do well.

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