Thursday Morning LitLinks

Nate East profiles poet Keetje Kuipers. (The Rumpus)

Will Peter Carey become the first three-time Booker winner? (Telegraph)

Amazon unveils a $139 Wi-Fi Kindle. (GalleyCat)

Gary Shteyngart discusses his new novel, Super Sad True Love Story, along with the art of the book blurb and the art of teaching James Franco. (The Daily Beast)

Has the internet killed the unauthorized celebrity tell-all? (ABCNews)

David Barnett highlights the perfect site for those who “obsess about what other people are reading.” (Guardian Books Blog)

Gabriel Josipovici goes giant hunting… (The Guardian)

…Harry Mount reacts. (Telegraph)

Susan Kamil named Random House publisher. (Publishers Weekly)

R.I.P. Carola Hicks, art historian and biographer. (The Guardian)

“On this day in 1909 Chester Himes was born. Until recently, Himes was known primarily for his contributions to the noir-hardboiled genre — Cotton Comes to Harlem, and his other “Harlem Domestic” detective novels. Recent, restored editions of some of his other books and several recent biographies make the case for regarding Himes, rather than such contemporaries as Wright and Baldwin, as “America’s central black writer.”" (Today in Literature)

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