5 Minutes Alone… With Tasha Alexander

Tasha Alexander is becoming a staple on the bookstore shelves and bestseller lists for top-tier historical suspense.  Her well-researched catalog is refreshed this month with her latest, DANGEROUS TO KNOW, and Ms. Alexander is back from globe-trotting for research just in time to go globe-trotting for readings and signings.

We’d like to thank her for taking the time to be part of our “5 Minutes Alone” interview series.

AuthorScoop: What was your very first publication credit?


AuthorScoop: Tell us about your latest release.

Tasha: DANGEROUS TO KNOW is the fifth book in my Lady Emily series. Emily has come to the lush Norman countryside in search of respite. Instead, she finds a brutally murdered woman, a ghostly child, and a family being destroyed by hereditary madness. Not to mention a disapproving mother-in-law…

AuthorScoop: Aside from your own hard work, who (or what) else do you feel has contributed to your success?

Tasha: My parents brought me up to love books, and without them, I could never have become a novelist. Writing is an isolating endeavor, and it’s also a consuming one. If my husband weren’t so fantastic, it would be much harder to do. He’s also an author, so understands what the job requires and couldn’t be more supportive. He even provides an endless supply of tea and cheese sandwiches when I’m working…

AuthorScoop: At what time of day or night do you do your best writing?

Tasha: I go for extremes—early in the morning or else late into the night. It tends to switch from book to book. DANGEROUS TO KNOW was middle-of-the-night, but the manuscript I just finished was early morning (due partly to excessive jet lag!). The main thing for me is to work every single day. You can’t sit around waiting for a muse if you want to be a writer–muses are notoriously unreliable.

AuthorScoop: Finally, what advice would you give to new or unpublished writers?

Tasha: READ! There is no better way to hone your craft than to read widely, across genres.


DANGEROUS TO KNOW is in bookstores now and you can find an electronic copy for your eReader (or order a hardcopy for delivery) by following the links from Macmillan to your favorite online retailer. Find Tasha Alexander on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know about what’s cool in historical fiction.

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