Thursday Morning LitLinks

Jane Smiley shares her tips for writers. (Fictionaut)

Chris Power takes a “quick look” at 2010 in short stories. (Guardian Books Blog)

Michael Chabon on salvaging a ‘wrecked’ novel. (The Atlantic)

Amazon launches a program for sharing Kindle books. (GalleyCat)

Oscar Villalon reports on the new voices in Spanish language literature and the dark themes with which they wrestle. (The Daily Beast)

Get ready for a new onslaught of tablets. (X-bit Labs)

John Bingham looks at novelist Deidre Clark’s legal battle against her former employer and “‘draconian’ British attitudes to free speech.” (Telegraph)

R.I.P. E Gene Smith, American scholar of Tibetan literature. (DNA)

“On this day in 1869 the Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock was born. Twenty-five of Leacock’s forty-odd books are in his comic mode, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town and Arcadian Adventures of the Idle Rich being most well-known, but all exemplifying his belief that “the humour of the highest culture, the humour of the future,” is born of “kindliness” and “wide charity of mind.”" (Today in Literature)

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