Win a Sneak-Peek of WHITE HORSE, by Alex Adams

On April 17th, Simon & Schuster, Atria and its imprint, Emily Bestler Books, will roll out a major release, Alex Adams’ WHITE HORSE.

But right now, there’s a little window of opportunity to win an Advanced Review Copy of the book, by heading over to her blog and weighing in on one question:

In White Horse, one of the few possessions Zoe carries with her is a toy monkey—a favorite from her childhood. If the world was ending, and you were on the run, what one thing (not a person or a pet) would you take with you?


If the hero in your head loves to ponder apocalyptic what-ifs delivered in zipping style, then WHITE HORSE is for you. Why not have it sooner than later?

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  1. EldonHughes Says:

    Hey! Thanks for this! Such an awesome thing for a wonderful lady. :)

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