Wednesday Morning LitLinks

125 brand-name authors vote in the Greatest Books of All Time. (The Atlantic)

McGraw-Hill seems to be looking to sell, rather than branch off, its educational endeavors. (Financial Times)

The publisher of Bernard Schlink’s, THE READER, is in a clash over profits from The Weinstein Company’s film adaptation of it. (

Edinburgh’s International Book Festival – refreshingly – wants authors, not celebrities, for its headline events. (The Guardian)

The National Times makes a case for why teens should read their porn, not watch it. (The Age)

Books bring nations together: Taiwan and China make cooperative noises over their ties in literature. (Focus Taiwan)

If you don’t like Apples terms, don’t use iAuthor, simple as that says (

Hank Haney wishes Tiger would read, THE BIG MISS: MY YEARS COACHING TIGER WOODS, before he gets upset about it. (USA Today)

Bangladeshi author, Taslima Nasreen’s, book, NIRBASAN, sparks a controversy at the Kolkata International Book Fair. (

Editor, Sam Vaughan, dies at age 83. RIP (

“On this day in 1814 Lord Byron’s ‘The Corsair’ was published, selling out its entire first run of 10,000 copies. The poem was one of a handful of melodramatic verse-tales written by Byron between 1812-16, a period in which he was at the height of poetic fame in England…” (Today In Literature)

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