Saturday Morning LitLinks

To rhe creative mind – brainstorm all you like. It won’t do any good, says Jonah Lehrer in (Salon)

Ian McEwan talks originality in (The Guardian)

Christie’s sells an illustrated erotic manuscript from 1910 for more than ten times what they thought it would fetch. (BookTryst)

Netflix gobbles up scarier, more literary werewolves in Brian McGreevy’s HEMLOCK GROVE. (The Wall Street Journal)

But I doubt he got $5 million, like what’s being reported for the erotic, TWILIGHT-inspired sensation, 50 SHADES OF GREY. (Variety)

Alex Rosenberg’s, THE ATHEIST’S GUIDE TO REALITY, was not the worst book of 2011 according to (The New York Times)

The Denver airport may get some new bookstores, as Tattered Cover looks to open several new outlets there. (CBS)

On a subject recently dear to me, GalleyCat asks its readers about their pens. (GalleyCat)

Author, Anne Patchett, opines on the “sexual revolution”. (The Wall Street Journal)

“On this day in 1882 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow died, at the age of seventy-five. Longfellow was the most venerated and taught American poet of his day. His mythic tones, classical allusions and measured rhythms were a long way from Walt Whitman‘s ‘body electric’ — Whitman was just a dozen years his junior — but they rang like Tennyson in the New World, and were extremely popular in both…” (Today In Literature)

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