Sunday Morning LitLinks

The opium muse has drawn many a mighty word from its slaves. (The Telegraph)

A soldier-turned-bestselling-novelist steps forward in another act of courage to forewarn our returning vets. (CNN)

Should one of the Big Three have died in HARRY POTTER? I’ve always thought so and now here’s a take on it from (BookRiot)

Lionel Shriver’s rejected novel, THE NEW REPUBLIC, gets a second chance. (NPR)

January Magazine has a look at Canada’s Bookie Awards. (January Magazine)

Andrew Motion and Anthony Horowitz discuss building on the classics in a podcast feature at (The Guardian)

Eugene O’Neill’s ‘lost play’ is found and produced. (NPR)

Ex-Goldman Sach’s employee is looking for a big payout for his tale of corproate yuck. (The New York Times)

“On this day in 1957, U.S. Customs agents seized 520 copies of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl on the grounds of obscenity. Ginsberg had given the poem its first, legendary reading a year and a half earlier, at Six Gallery in San Francisco. In the audience were many later-famous Beat writers, among them Jack Kerouac, thumping on his wine jug and shouting ‘Go, Go,’ at the end of every long line…” (Today In Literature)

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