Monday Morning LitLinks

A couple of literary birthday’s are flagged for today. Up first? Robert Frost and ten great quotes from the man. (The Christian Science Monitor)

And somehow we missed a look at what self-publishing has done (and can do) for poets. (GalleyCat)

No, you can’t just tweak Penguin’s logo for your self-published book and hope they don’t notice. (27 b/6)

Jack Kerouac’s first novel finally sees a printing press. (January Magazine)

Hatchette Books acquires the rights to Enid Blyton’s literary estate, with one rather major exclusion. (

It had to happen, I guess. They’re going to make a Katniss Barbie. (The Guardian)

Here’s an update on the antitrust case over ebook prices. (The Wall Street Journal)

Love it or hate it, The Daily Mail is top o’ the heap in Britain. How did it happen? (The New Yorker)

Debut author, Nancy Bilyeau, gets written up at (The Chicago Tribune)

And we’ve lost a few. RIP:

Tonino Guerra, screenwriter, dies at age 92. (The Washington Post)

Anotonio Tabucchi, novelist, dies at age 68. (The Nation)

Patience Abbe, children’s author, dies at age 87. (The Kansas City Star)

Bert Sugar, boxing writer, dies at age 74. (The Chicago Tribune)

“On this day in 1892 Walt Whitman died at the age of seventy-two. The high and controversial emotions which surrounded Whitman in life attended his death: in the same issue that carried his obituary, the New York Times declared that he could not be called ‘a great poet unless we deny poetry to be an art’”… (Today In Literature)

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