Wednesday Morning LitLinks

David Foster Wallace’s last novel, THE PALE KING, goes to paperback with some previously unpublished additions. (The Millions)

Poetry in Motion is a verse and art revival on New York’s subway system. (The New York Times)

The glitch in the matrix: ebooks are nifty until the “buy” button disappears. Kindle store has the hiccups. (Reuters)

Christopher Hitchens’, ARGUABLY, looks to have the momentum for this year’s Orwell Prize. (The Telegraph)

Holy hell. Who stole the Lorax from Dr. Suess’s widow? (The Gawker)

The ingredients of a bestseller are up for discussion at (The Daily Beast)

Author, Cheryl Strayed, has a chat about her memoir, WILD: FROM LOST TO FOUND ON THE PACIFIC CREST TRAIL, with (The Christian Science Monitor)

Chloe Moretz will be the new Carrie White in the remake of Stephen King’s first success, CARRIE. (

Should sci-fi and fantasy strive for more social (and literary) impact? (The Guardian)

When JK Rowling does ebooks, she does ‘em differently – and maybe better. (gigaom)

“On this day in 1970, James Dickey’s Deliverance was published. Although primarily a poet — thirty collections by the time of his death in 1997, a National Book Award in 1965 for Buckdancer’s Choice — Dickey’s first novel was a best-seller when it appeared, and the movie two years later (Dickey wrote the script and played the Sheriff) was a box-office hit…” (Today In Literature)

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