Thursday Morning LitLinks

It’s baseball season again. And baseball book season as well. (

Chip Kidd talks books covers at TED and it’s all featured at (The Huffington Post)

Ted Genoways leaves The Virginia Quarterly review to pursue his own writing. (The New York Times)

The vibrant habit of reading allowed is lauded at (The Guardian)

David Rieff is painfully honest about his mother, Susan Sontag. (The Telegraph)

In an unusual brand of jacket-note, Vintage Books states a disclaimer on 50 SHADES OF GREY‘s fanfiction incarnation, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE. (GalleyCat)

Now you can access the OPAC library catalogs with an app! (The Digital Shift)

The Walrus launches a book imprint with Margaret Atwood’s short, I DREAM OF ZENIA WITH THE BRIGHT RED RED TEETH. (Quill & Quire)

Amazon opens a Spanish ebook store. (Publishers Weekly)

Short stories pinned to pedestrians. Hmmm. That’s different. (The LA Times)

Google dials down its ebook access to Google Play only. (GalleyCat)

“On this day in 1926, H. L. Mencken was arrested by the Boston vice squad, charged with the possession and sale of indecent literature. The literature in question was the April, 1926 issue of Mencken’s American Mercury magazine, found offensive for a short story entitled ‘Hatrack,’ by Herbert Asbury…” (Today In Literature)

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