Friday Morning LitLinks

THREE CUPS OF TEA author, Greg Moretenson, ends up on the hook for $1 million for spending his charity’s money in ways that didn’t go over well. (NBC News)

Jonathan Lethem composes a wonderful ode to fandom in his latest essay in (The New York Times)

The mash-up wizard, Seth Grahame-Smith, also seems to be a Hollywood Midas. (The Wall Street Journal)

Booksellers weigh in with their disappointment over Google’s abandonment of indies. (Publishers Weekly)

Survey finds at least 1 in 5 Americans are reading electronically. (The Daily Beast)

… the bad new is that the survey also shows that at least 50 million Americans didn’t read a book at all last year.. (The Huffington Post)

The info is up on 2012′s National Book Fair. (The Library of Congress)

… and also for The Hay Festival. (The Telegraph)

In a reach to  scrape some foam off the tidal wave of press and money, De Capo Press spoofs the fanfiction-turned-erotic-megaseller with their parody, FIFTY SHAMES OF EARL GREY. (USA Today)

“On this day in 1839 Stendhal’s last novel, a product of 52 consecutive days of dictation, appeared in French bookshops. The aging author had begun employing a copyist in 1835, when wearing glasses became a necessity. Stendhal complained that the process of dictation proved annoyingly boring, but he couldn’t seem to write while wearing spectacles…” (Today In Literature)

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