Sunday Morning LitLinks

Columnist, John Derbyshire, is fired from The National Review for his article instructing white and Asian parent on how to counsel their children on the dangers of black people. (Politico)

BookRiot’s ‘Book Fetish’ feature has some pretty cool stuff on display. (BookRiot)

The Guardian asks an illustrious panel to name the books they read again and again. (The Guardian)

Author, Michael Morpurgo, talks about how WAR HORSE changed his life and his work. (The Telegraph)

If you’re stumped for Easter books, Kirkus can help. (Kirkus)

Levi Asher profiles Alain De Botton’s work over at (LitKicks)

Writer, Katherine Russell Rich, dies at 56. (The New York Times)

“On this day in 1950, J. D. Salinger’s ‘For Esme — With Love and Squalor’ was published in The New Yorker. Though still fifteen months away from the fame of The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger had many stories published in the high-circulation magazines at this point, and had drawn increasing attention from critics, fans and even Hollywood…” (Today In Literature)

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