Thursday Morning LitLinks

100 years ago, a very specific boatload of people were cruising the Atlantic. What books did they bring on board? (BookRiot)

How the ghost of H.L. Menken landed a six-figure deal for a modern day writer. (GalleyCat)

The Big 6 rumor mill says they all follow suit and snub Amazon at contract time. (

…but they’ll have to be cagey about it in the wake of Apple and five of the six being charges with ebook price fixing. (The Chicago Tribune)

… and a bit more on the allegations against the publishers is laid out at (GalleyCat)

Terry Deary doesn’t want kids to hate his books, so he’s asking teachers not to use HORRIBLE HISTORIES in class. (The Telegraph)

Publishers Weekly is counting down the top 10 characters from David Foster Wallace’s, INFINITE JEST. (Publishers Weekly)

“On this day in 1857, Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary was published. The serialization of the novel in the Revue de Paris the previous winter generated one of the most famous literary trials in French history, and so much publicity that the book was an immediate hit. It was Flaubert’s first novel, and it made him little money — 800 francs for 5 years of writing, about what the stenographer he had hired for his trial earned in two weeks…” (Today In Literature)

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