Tuesday Morning LitLinks

A salute to Philip Larkin, his poetry and other works, tonight in New York. (The Daily Beast)

ICM agent, Nick Harris, strikes out on his own to create The Story Foundation, with an eye toward a new model of intellectual property ventures. (deadline.com)

Today is National Stationary day in Britain. (The Guardian)

Manhattan looks east, as India’s book market is booming. (The New York Times)

The story of a Texas bookmobile is on tap at (Library Journal)

Author, Marilynne Robinson, talks about her inspiration for her latest essay collection, WHEN I WAS A CHILD, I READ BOOKS. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Philippa Gregory has a chat about her new Young Adult novel, a first for her, over at (The Telegraph)

A publishing executive admits to busting DRM and tells us why. (Paid Content)

“On this day in 1891 Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray was published. The novel had originally appeared in Lippincot’s Monthly Magazine the previous summer, and caused an uproar for what one newspaper called ‘its effeminate frivolity, its studied insincerity, its theatrical cynicism, its tawdry mysticism, its flippant philosophizing, its contaminating trail of garish vulgarity.’ In revising for book publication, Wilde toned down some of the more overt homosexuality and the decadent theme…” (Today In Literature)

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