Another 5 Minutes… With Jaden Terrell

AuthorScoop hosted a chat with Jaden Terrell in February in celebration of her debut novel, RACING THE DEVIL. Jaden’s back with its follow-up, A CUP FULL OF MIDNIGHT, out this month from The Permanent Press. Today we get to preview the new book and snag a bit more insight into the clockworks of the Jared McKean Mysteries series.

We’d like to thank Jaden Terrell for being here once again to take part in our “5 Minutes Alone” interview series.

AuthorScoop: Booklist had nice things to say about your latest, A CUP FULL OF MIDNIGHT. Tell us a bit about the book.

Jaden: It’s the second book in the Jared McKean series. Jared is thirty-six, a private detective coming to terms with his unjust dismissal from the Nashville murder squad and an unwanted divorce from a woman he still loves. His teenaged nephew, Josh, has fallen under the influence of a dangerous fringe of the Goth subculture, giving the family lots of reasons to worry. When the fringe group’s leader—a mind-manipulating sociopath who considers himself a vampire—is found butchered and posed across a pentagram, Josh is the number one suspect. He asks Jared to investigate the murder, and in the course of the investigation, he learns that his nephew, whom he loves like a son, is next on the killer’s list.

AuthorScoop: Are the books coming easier now that you’ve got a couple behind you, or is the writing experience the same rollercoaster it’s been from the start?

Jaden: I keep thinking it’s going to get easier, but it never does. Every book seems just a little bit beyond me and I have to grow into it. A CUP FULL OF MIDNIGHT is more complex than RACING THE DEVIL, and the third book is even more challenging.

AuthorScoop: Has writing and publishing changed the way you read?

Jaden: I don’t think so. I’ve always read like a writer. I remember reading books when I was seven or eight, and one level, I was enjoying the story and falling in love with the characters, and on another level, I was trying to figure out how the writer did it. I still do. Often, I’ll read a book once for pleasure, then go back and read parts over again to see how it’s put together or how the writer achieved a certain effect.

AuthorScoop: Has your advice for new writers evolved the farther you get from being a new writer yourself?

Jaden: Everybody’s specific path is different, but I don’t think the core principles ever change. Learn everything you can. Read everything you can. Write every chance you get. Always look at what you can do better. It’s easy to get caught up in marketing and platforms and forget that the important thing is the writing.

AuthorScoop: What’s next for Jaden Terrell?

Jaden: I’m working on the third book in the Jared McKean series, along with a standalone thriller that’s, like always, a little bit too hard for me. I’m really excited about it.


A CUP FULL OF MIDNIGHT is available now. Read a sample and then quick click to your favorite retailer to get your own copy. Visit her webpage and you’re on your way. Jaden Terrell is also at home on the web at her blog, Murderous Musings. Like her Facebook page to keep current with news and events.

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