Friday Morning LitLinks

Timothy Egan remembers revered editor, Ashbel Green. (The New York Times)

Stephen King turns 65 today. Here’s the note he wrote his 16 year old self. (twitpic)

Author, Libba Bray, shares some books she loves and why she loves them. (Publishers Weekly)

Gillian Flynn’s ears must be burning, because they’re talking her up at (The Millions)

What does Hell sound like? A writer will tell you. (BLDG BLOG)

BookRiot gets author, Colin Dickey, to talk about anything but writing. (BookRiot)

Get the scoop on World Book Day. (The Telegraph)

Word-of-mouth publicity goes digital and is poised to rule the book world. (The Los Angeles Times)

Bloomsbury heads to India. (The Bookseller)

WalMart follows Target and stops selling Kindles. (The Huffington Post)

“On this day in 1947 Stephen King was born. As told in On Writing, his 2000 “memoir of the craft,” King’s childhood was formative of the man and his themes, ‘a kind of curriculum vitae.’ He denies any shape or through-line to his recollections, but this seems disingenuous: growing up may be ‘a fogged-out landscape from which occasional memories appear like isolated trees’ but the trees cited are mostly “the kind that look as if they might like to grab and eat you.”…” (Today In Literature)

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