Tuesday Morning LitLinks

Books are made of words, and sometimes the words themselves are a curiosity. Here’s why there’s a ‘b’ in the word ‘doubt’. (io9)

James Wood offers his picks for the best books of 2012 at (The New Yorker)

…and Elizabeth Menkel reflects on her year with her nose in a book at (The Millions)

Rosetta takes the e-collection of Arthur C. Clarke’s work to a ereader near you. (Publishers Weekly)

The Green Carnation Prize goes to Patrick Gale and Andre Carl Van der Merwe for A PERFECTLY GOOD MAN and MOFFIE, respectively. (The Bookseller)

A mother and her daughter’s murderer tell the story – jointly – in a new book, WILDFLOWERS IN THE MEDIAN. (USA Today)

The Guardian continues its series on darkness in literature. (The Guardian)

According to Facebook, no one gets read more than Suzanne Collins. (GalleyCat)

“On this day in 1946 Damon Runyon’s ashes were scattered over Broadway by his son, in a plane flown by Eddie Rickenbacker. Runyon was born in Manhattan, Kansas; he arrived at the bigger apple at the age of thirty, to be a sportswriter and to try out at Mindy’s and the Stork Club and any betting window available his crap-shoot worldview: ‘All of life is six to five against.’ Broadway became his special beat, and in story collections like Guys and Dolls he developed the colorful characters — Harry the Horse, the Lemon Drop Kid, Last Card Louie — and the gangster patois that would swept America throughout the thirties and forties…” (Today In Literature)

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