Friday Evening Book Reviews

Barry Forshaw on James Lee Burke’s Creole Belle: “…those on his wavelength will see this as a more powerful and ambitious novel about America than most written today – and certainly more relevant than Tom Wolfe’s latest effort.” (The Independent)

Julie Orringer on Jami Attenberg’s The Middlesteins: “…caustic, entertaining and bighearted…” (NYTimes)

Stuart Kelly on Selina O’Grady’s And Man Created God: “…O’Grady’s expansive and intelligent book addresses a problem that vexed thinkers as different as Edward Gibbon and Friedrich Nietzsche: how did an apocalyptic sect in first-century Judaea turn into an imperial power that dominated the west, politically and philosophically, for two millennia?” (The Guardian)

Valerie Ryan on Mo Yan’s Pow!: “Because he has combined several stories, the main narrative is interspersed with other vignettes; some self-contained, some ongoing. If it sounds confusing, it can be — but in the end it all makes sense.” (Seattle Times)

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