Friday Morning LitLinks


Margaret Atwood lights up the possibilities for online publishing. (NPR)

Craig Davidson’s career gets a boost from the film adaptation of his work. (Quill & Quire)

Print sales tick upwards to the highest level in three years. (The Bookseller)

Phil Rickman talks to (The Telegraph)

The New York Times compares and contrasts libraries and bookstores. (The New York Times)

Bedbugs in the library – ugh. (The San Fransisco Chronicle)

Priya Elan explores the common denominators in celebriaty memoirs. (The Guardian)

Almost 1 in 4 Americans have read a book this year. (Pew)

Perry Link makes the case for criticizing Mo Yan at (New York Books)

What George RR Martin got for Christmas is the topic at (The Huffington Post)

Dennis Lehane’s dog goes missing. (GalleyCat)

“On this day in 1917, H. L. Mencken’s ‘A Neglected Anniversary,’ his hoax article on the American invention of the bathtub, was published in the New York Evening Mail. Mencken’s lifelong campaign to deride and derail Main Street America — the ‘booboisie’ — had a number of easy victories, but this joke succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and in Swiftian proportions….” (Today In Literature)


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