Monday Morning LitLinks


If you’ve got a collector’s eye, here’s a tip on the charity auction of a rare Stephen King book, signed by the man himself. (The Morning Sun)

Writer/editor team, George Saunders and Andy Ward, have a chat about the process with (Slate)

The metamorphosis of the self-help genre is explained at (New York Magazine)

A preview of what’s to come in 2013 should be handy in padding your to-be-read list. (The Millions)

A benefactor known only as “Lucy” commits a random act of kindness in a bookstore. (Twitter)

13 years separates Jenny Offill’s two highly acclaimed fiction outings. Here’s what she’s been doing all this time. (The New York Times)

Writing at the edge of mainstream sensibilities: famous authors lock horns with the censors. (The Scotsman)

2012 isn’t gone enough to skip considering the best book covers launched in it. (Skip Richard)

Comic book artist, David Wojnarowicz, is remembered at (Publishers Weekly)

Author, Sol Yurick, has died. He was 87. Rest in peace. (WNYC)

James Henry learned to read when he was 91. He published his book when he was 98. Sadly, he has died at age 99. Rest in peace. (Manfield-Storrs Patch)

“On this day in 1972 American poet John Berryman committed suicide at the age of fifty-seven. His 77 Dream Songs won the 1964 Pulitzer, and the writing of some 300 more over the subsequent years earned Berryman international fame, but his personal problems kept pace. These seem to stem from the severe trauma of his father’s early suicide, but whatever the cause, living became a volatile and destructive mix of compulsions — work, alcohol, sex, and four packs a day….” (Today In Literature)

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