Saturday Evening Book Reviews

Mark Athitakis on Robert Hough’s Dr. Brinkley’s Tower: “Hough’s tone recalls Mark Twain in tall-tale mode, but the story is also shot through with threats and portents.” (Washington Post)

Mary Pols on Susanna Sonnenberg’s She Matters: “…a dark and intriguing piece of writing, a brutal self-examination of Sonnenberg’s relationships with women, many if not most of them fracturing at some point, few repaired.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

Krys Lee on Mo Yan’s Pow!: “For a writer who purportedly lacks ideological leanings, Mo writes in a surprisingly direct way.” (Financial Times)

David B Williams on Neil Shubin’s The Universe Within: “Shubin’s writing is engaging and approachable. He tells nice stories about being out in the field, revealing the fun, the challenges, and some of the absurdities of a working paleontologist.” (Seattle Times)

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