Wednesday Evening Book Reviews

T.F. Rigelhof on Caroline Adderson’s The Sky is Falling: “Her writing isn’t simply deft: Adderson is very, very funny, but her wit is wry, cleverly controlled…” (The Globe and Mail)

W. G. Runciman on Christophe Boesch’s Wild Cultures: A comparison between chimpanzee and human cultures: ” Boesch doesn’t directly address the current state of research on the performance of individual chimpanzees who have been trained to understand the representative function of symbols or combine lexigrams in accordance with grammatical rules used by their minders.” (Times Literary Supplement)

Nahal Toosi on Jonathan Katz’s The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster: “…Katz elegantly uses personal anecdotes and the stories of Haitians whose lives were turned upside down to paint a portrait of a struggling yet beguiling country.” (Sacramento Bee)

Meganne Fabrega on Elizabeth Black’s The Drowning House: “…her writing style often overshadows the plot, sending the reader to and fro between characters and side stories that never satisfactorily come to fruition.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

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