Monday Evening Book Reviews

Michiko Kakutani on Teddy Wayne’s The Love Song of Jonny Valentine: “Instead, Mr. Wayne depicts Jonny as a complicated, searching boy, by turns innocent and sophisticated beyond his years, eager to please and deeply resentful, devoted to his unusual talent and aware of both its rewards and its costs. This is what makes “The Love Song” more than a scabrous sendup of American celebrity culture; it’s also a poignant portrait of one young artist’s coming of age.” (NYTimes)

Adam O’Riordan on Alejandro Zambra’s Ways of Going Home: “The novel has an air of insomniac attentiveness: a sharpened observation of daily routine, an accumulation of detail and interleaving of banality and profundity.” (The Telegraph)

Rachel Howard on Elena Passarello’s Let Me Clear My Throat: Essays: “… wonderfully literary way to gain this education, while absorbing the life tales of a few great crooners, actors, and sportscasters besides.” (The Rumpus)

Douglas Wolk on Peter Bagge’s Reset: “Bagge has adapted the tools of slapstick to what’s essentially a drawing-room comedy, if a cheerfully profane one, and his enthusiasm for sabotaging Hollywood-style resolutions makes the few hopeful moments of “Reset” even sweeter.” (Seattle Times)

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