Friday Morning LitLinks


Take two books and call me in the morning. Doctor’s might do well to prescribe a bit of reading. (The Telegraph)

The always funny Dave Barry does his thing on the regular feature, By the Book, over at (The New York Times)

Stephen King cracks the seal on DOCTOR SLEEP, his sequel to THE SHINING. (Entertainment Weekly)

Jason Boog covers novelist, Brain Keene’s talk on money in the genre fiction business, with additional commentary from Jim C. Hines. (GalleyCat)

Dave Astor talks music in literature at (The Huffington Post)

The virtual blood, sweat, and probably non-virtual tears of digital self-publishing are explored at (The Guardian)

Bestselling author, Jennifer Estep, has a chat with (The Taunton Daily Gazette)

“On this day in 1814 Lord Byron’s ‘The Corsair’ was published, selling out its entire first run of 10,000 copies. The poem was one of a handful of melodramatic verse-tales written by Byron between 1812-16, a period in which he was at the height of poetic fame in England. Pirate captain Conrad is the Byronic homme fatale, one who will risk all, including his beloved Medora, in order to rescue Gulnare, chief slave in the Turkish Pacha’s harem, although he will not stoop to kill the sleeping Pacha in order to rescue himself. By this specific chivalry, and a life of dash and passion, ‘He left a Corsair’s name to other times, / Linked with one virtue and a thousand crimes.’…” (Today In Literature)

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