Thursday Morning LitLinks


If bestseller status is any indication, it’s time to start joking about Hitler. Or is it? (DW)

Accomplished Romance novelist, Jessica Blair, isn’t Jessica at all. His name is Bill. (The Daily Mail)

Philosopher and atheist, Thomas Nagel, is under the microscope to see if he’s got Creationist leanings. (The New York Times)

Virginia Woolf lightened up considerably when she was writing soft family satire for her nephews. (The Guardian)

You can run, but you can’t retire – getting out of the writing business is tough. (The Millions)

Former US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geitner, is shopping a book. (The Miami Herald)

Simon Rich writes a Five-Minute Memoir for (The Independent)

Somebody had to like the new cover of THE BELL JAR. (The Telegraph)

Winston Churchill’s only poem goes up for auction. (The Guardian)

“On this day in 1601, Shakespeare’s Richard II was presented at the Globe playhouse, a performance especially arranged by those hoping to overthrow Queen Elizabeth the following day. Followers of the Earl of Essex had approached Shakespeare’s Company the previous week with a promise of forty shillings to supplement ticket sales, so overcoming the Company’s objections that the lines for Richard II were rusty and that a revival was unlikely to be popular. If the Saturday afternoon performance was poorly-attended, the Sunday morning rebellion was worse….” (Today In Literature)


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