Friday Evening Book Reviews

Vikas Turakhia  on Tupelo Hassman’s Girlchild: “Not much happens, but in a teenage narrator’s voice that stunned me on page one, “Girlchild” offers an unrelenting portrait of life in the Calle, a Reno, Nevada, trailer park.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Chris Bohjalian on Ron Currie Jr.’s Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles: “I wasn’t always proud of myself for liking this book, but most of the time I sure did.” (Washington Post)

Barbara Berman on Marilyn Buck’s Inside/Out: Selected Poems: “…though it is unclear from Buck’s writing what place organized religion had for her after she left home, these pages contain prayers, answers, wise and generous gifts.” (The Rumpus)

Don Tapscott on Ray Kurzweil’s How To Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed: “The thesis of How to Create a Mind is that the human brain itself is the most powerful thinking machine available today, so it is logical that we look to the brain for guidance on how to make devices smarter.” (The Globe and Mail)

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