All these years, and now… Tuesday

Jamie_Mason_color-smSo it’s Saturday and I have my coffee and a few minutes and I’m a fluttery mess. I’ve had twelve years (with a three year hiatus tucked in there for other bits of life that pulled me away, both literally and figuratively) to write and learn and fail and learn and write a little more, fail a little more, learn and write and… holy hell, it came together. The tumblers fell (some being wrestled and hammered; it was ungainly, trust me) into their places and the lock was un-ed.

All these years. And now… Tuesday.

I’m under the impression that I might be quite busy over the next few weeks with the launch business of Three Graves Full. Maybe it won’t be smallerversionthat hectic. I don’t know. I’ve never done this before. But just in case, I wanted to have a place to add links to online milestones for anyone who might wander by and be interested.

And for any who fit that description, thank you and all the best to you.

And special thanks to everyone who hosted an interview, giveaway, or took their time to post a review. Thank you, thank you.


(Reprinted from Because I Love To Hear Myself Type. For updates beyond 2-9-13, click here)

Firstly, and thrillingly, Three Graves Full gets a terrific little write-up in Marilyn Stasio’s Crime Books column in The New York Times. Eeeeep!

There are still a few hours left for the giveaway (ends 2-9-13) but the interview will remain at (My Bookish Ways)

Next, there’s an interview and signed book giveaway at Free Book Friday (ends 2-14-13).


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