Wednesday Morning LitLinks

Patricia Cornwell


Patricia Cornwell prevails in her lawsuit against her former manager – to the tune of just about $51 million. (The Boston Globe)

Ray Bradbury’s work is digital in the UK. Not that he’d necessarily be thrilled by that. (The Guardian)

Truman Capote has gotten what he wished for. Sort of. (The Millions)

Author, Benjamin Nugent, reveals how he was influenced by Jonathan Franzen in (The Atlantic)

Have a peek at Presidential edits. (GalleyCat)

Did you know these films started as novels (or novellas)? (The Huffington Post)

The London Review of Books responds to the scuttlebutt over Hilary Mantel’s comments. (The Guardian)

“On this day in 1909 the Italian poet F. T. Marinetti published his ‘The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism’ in the Paris newspaper, Le Figaro. This is regarded as the birth of the Futurist movement, which in radical or watered-down ways had a significant influence on modern art and literature, and on modern communications theorists such as Marshall McLuhan.

The Futurist movement celebrated the techno-discord it saw on the horizon — the rush of cars, the collapse of community, the shock of new and now. Although it derided Romantic nostalgia, Marinetti’s preamble to the Manifesto could get lyrical…” (Today In Literature)

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