Wednesday Morning LitLinks

Nick Yarris


Exonerated death row inmate sues HarperCollins for sinking his book after he was arrested for growing pot. (The Guardian)

The Women’s Prize for Fiction (formerly known as The Orange Prize) has its longlist at the ready. (The Women’s Prize for Fiction)

Random House relents under an avalanche of outrage and adjusts Hydra’s contract terms. (TelaRead)

Writers’ productivity in the age of 3G: a tale of woe. (The New York Times)

Papa Hemingway as a whippersnapper, in pictures. (BookTryst)

Who better to write up “America’s war on Christmas”? Sarah Palin heads to her word processor. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Want to know Mumbai, but can’t get there? Here’s a top 10 list for books on one of India’s most vibrant cities. (The Guardian)

And if you’re hungry, here’s a list of 50 best food memoirs from (Abe Books)

Don’t ask why. There is no why. But have a look at the world’s smallest book. (The Telegraph)

“On this day in 1891, Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts premiered in London, an event so ‘controversial and epoch-making,’ says biographer Michael Meyer, that it is now regarded as ‘one of the most famous of theatrical occasions.’ Theater historians report that the scandal over this single performance elicited over 500 printed articles and made Ibsen ‘a household word even among those Englishmen who never went to the theatre or opened a book.’…” (Today In Literature)

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