Thursday Evening Book Reviews

Charlie Savage on Jess Bravin’s The Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantánamo Bay: “Besides its value in synthesizing many sources into an accessible history, the strengths of Mr. Bravin’s account are the moments when he takes us inside the secretive prosecutors’ office.” (NYTimes)

Stephan Lee on Andre Aciman’s Harvard Square: ” As always, Aciman tackles Big Ideas by observing the smallest, most intimate gestures of two people and letting them talk — and his characters talk beautifully.” (

Mohsin Hamid’s How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: “Like most good novels, it is in one sense archetypal – rags-to-riches, boy-meets-girl – while in another, it is highly specific to the society in which it is set: feudalism, the clan system, radical Islam and water shortages are all there, woven into the fabric of the story.” (The Guardian)

Ryan Zee on Ali Smith’s Artful: “A compilation of the Weidenfeld Lectures in European Comparative Literature Smith delivered in 2012 at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, Artful offers an uncommon vision of what literary criticism can be: personal, imaginative, tentative, even whimsical.” (The Rumpus)

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