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Crypt Thief


THE CRYPT THIEF, by Mark Pryor, is the second outing for protagonist Hugo Marsten and it’s available today. (DA Confidential)

Fictional mothers and the parenting books they might write, courtesy of (BookRiot)

And if your real mother is a reader, here are some suggestions from (The Christian Science Monitor)

Behold: The Vigilante Copy Editor. (The New York Times)

Harlan Ellison recounts the day he beat up his publisher in (The Los Angeles Times)

Tom Canty talks about his stint as a starving artist in (The Telegraph)

The Czech Republic pushes onto the publishing world’s radar. (The Prague Post)

Anne Bronte’s headstone has been wrong for 164 years, but it’s fixed now. (BBC)

Did you know MOBY DICK has become a card game? (Salon)

No more sales tax -free books from Amazon. Bookstores rejoice. (GalleyCat)

Charlaine Harris talks about the last Sookie Stackhouse novel with (The Chicago Sun Times)

“On this day in 1932 William Faulkner reluctantly arrived in Hollywood to begin work as a screenwriter, a labor that would last, on and off, for twenty years. Faulkner was thirty-four years old at the time, and had already published four of his Yoknapatawpha County novels (including The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying). Though far from a popular success, he was regarded by his peers as one of America’s most talented young writers…..” (Today In Literature)

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