Sunday Morning LitLinks

The Poisonwood Bible


Barbara Kingsolver dishes on the process that made THE POISONWOOD BIBLE. (The Guardian)

What book to buy Mom for Mother’s Day. (The Los Angeles Times)

What to get fictional moms for Mother’s Day. (The Washington Post)

Michael Deacon bends over backwards in not mocking Dan Brown in (The Telegraph)

Science fiction and economics: not unlikely bedfellows. (Noahpinion)

James MacManus, stopped in his tracks by Baudelaire. (The Huffington Post)

It’s not just the soldiers leaving Afghanistan. A journalist reflects on exodus. (The Daily Beast)

Making boredom fascinating is a novelists job. (The Telegraph)

How cellphones could boost literature in Africa. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Somebody made a lot of money on a handwritten poem by Philip Larkin. (The Huffington Post)

“On this day in 1883 Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi was published. Much of the book had been printed as a series of articles in The Atlantic eight years earlier. These reminiscences had been popular — they ‘made the ice-water in my pitcher turn muddy,’ said William Dean Howells — and Twain decided to expand them, seeing an opportunity to bring another high-volume subscription book to market. Because he would need to gather research, he also saw an opportunity to revisit the world of his youth after twenty-one years away…” (Today In Literature)

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