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Can a pair of writers make it as a couple? (Salon)

Alyssa Nutting doesn’t shy away from the shocking and her new novel, TAMPA, is going to have people talking. (Salon)

Apparently, it’s science: cafe noises can make you more creative. (The New York Times)

A TIMES TO KILL, by John Grisham, gets the Broadway treatment. (The Huffington Post)

A reader documents his unique reaction to David Foster Wallace’s INFINITE JEST. (GalleyCat)

The project is to turn Shakespear’s plays into novels. The prognosis? Iffy. (The Los Angeles Times)

The plagiarist says it wasn’t her. (GalleyCat)

If you like polls and numbers, here’s a bit about ereading habits. (Shelf Awareness)

When is a bad book a good book to read? (BookRiot)

The book was better than the film and here are 11 changes made to screen adaptations that prove the point. (The Huffington Post)

“On this day in 1928 Sylvia Beach hosted a dinner party in order that F. Scott Fitzgerald, who ‘worshipped James Joyce, but was afraid to approach him,’ might do so. In her Shakespeare and Company memoir Beach delicately avoids describing what happened, although she perhaps suggests an explanation: ‘Poor Scott was earning so much from his books that he and Zelda had to drink a great deal of champagne in Montmartre in an effort to get rid of it.’…” (Today In Literature)

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