Another 5 Minutes… With Jessica Brody

One of AuthorScoop’s more lauded and prolific friends is back again with her newest venture into YA/mainstream literature, UNREMEMBERED. It’s been wonderful to host interviews with Jessica here, here, and here, and also to get her thoughts on whether or not her books are her babies. Now we get an update on what’s new in the Brody Brand.

We’d like to thank her for returning again to be part of our “5 Minutes Alone” interview series.

AuthorScoop: You have been busy! UNREMEMBERED has garnered great buzz. Will you tell us a bit about it?

Jessica: Of course! UNREMEMBERED is the first in a new sci-fi/romance trilogy. It’s the story of a sixteen year old girl who wakes up among unrememberedthe wreckage of a devastating plane crash with no memories and no identity. She’s forced to piece together her forgotten past with only one clue— a mysterious boy who claims he helped her escape from a top-secret science experiment.

AuthorScoop: You’ve tested the waters of both adult fiction and YA. Where do you feel the two fields of reading interest overlap?

Jessica: I think the two genres overlap in a lot of ways. All of my books have love stories in them and I don’t think you’re ever too old to read a good love story! Also I think fast-paced stories will attract readers of all ages. I try to keep my pages moving quickly!

AuthorScoop: Sometimes adult readers send feedback in the form of online reviews or even correspondence. Do you get that kind of feedback from the younger readers?

Jessica: I LOVE hearing from my readers! My teen readers contact me often through email, regular mail, and social media. It’s the best feeling in the world when a reader takes the time to tell you that they enjoyed your book!

AuthorScoop: You’ve had some exciting developments in screen adaptations for your work. Can you give us a scoop on what’s happening, Brody-wise, in development?

Jessica Brody - Author PhotoJessica: I wish I had some more updates but at this point, sadly, I don’t. Several of my books have been optioned for film and each one is moving along (at a snail’s pace, I might add!) but any kind of forward momentum is good! I hope to have some more news soon!

AuthorScoop: Finally, what’s next for Jessica Brody?

Jessica: Phew! So much fun stuff! I can’t wait for book in the UNREMEMBERED trilogy to release. It’s called UNFORGOTTEN and it will hit bookstores in February 2014. The stakes are ratcheted up in this book and lots of new stuff will be revealed about the world. I’m about to start writing book 3 plus I’m also writing an eBook novella which will release in the fall. It’s technically Unremembered 1.5, but it will most likely be a prequel to the first book. I think it’ll be fun for fans of the trilogy. A little something to tide you over between books 1 and 2.

Thanks for hosting me again, Jamie!


Look for UNREMEMBERED wherever books are sold, or of course, if you need it right now, click here. And find Jessica on the web at Facebook and Twitter and, of course, at

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