Wednesday Evening Book Reviews

Rhonda Dickey on Robert Stone’s Death of a Black-Haired Girl: ” Robert Stone, one of America’s greatest living writers, takes the disquiet and forms it into a story that rejects easy answers and presses its characters to do better, to be more.” (

J. Hoberman on Louise Steinman’s The Crooked Mirror: “As noted by Louise Steinman in “The Crooked Mirror,” her firsthand report on what remains of Jewish life in contemporary Poland, four out of five American Jews are of Polish-Jewish descent — a diaspora within the diaspora.” (LATimes)

Alex Sheremet on Jessica Schneider’s Quick With Flies: “…a mature novel, on a mature theme: a coming-of-age tale set in the Great Depression, told from the perspective of a young black man named Howard.” (Blogcritics)

Billie B. Little on Valerie Hobbs’ Wolf: “This dramatic sequel to Hobbs’ popular novel, Sheep, alternates between Jack’s and the wolf’s points of view. In an unsettling voice, the wolf counts his journey in moons and his narrow gaze sees the world as rock-strewn hills, grassy slopes and woods for hunting.” (BookPage)

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