Wednesday Evening Book Reviews

Damon Marbut on Robert Bly’s Stealing Sugar From The Castle: Selected Poems 1950-2013: ” It is rare that a faithful audience of this genre, this niche, can witness both evolution and steadiness in the hands of a writer who tells his own story, shares his own perception and humanity with an equal faithfulness.” (The Rumpus)

Peter Geye on Siân Griffiths’ Borrowed Horses: “Griffiths’ great accomplishment in dealing with the men in Joannie’s life is that she manages to be sympathetic to both Joannie’s physical desires (many of which are described in sensual detail) and her almost feminist nature.” (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Daniel Dyer on James McBride’s The Good Lord Bird: “A masterful example of the illuminative friction between fiction and history…” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Janet Maslin on Gigi Levangie’s Seven Deadlies: A Cautionary Tale: “Her gift is for satire, not for moral instruction. Not for plotting. Not for reflection. And certainly not for taking herself seriously.” (NYTimes)

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