Friday Morning LitLinks

Emma Thompson


Emma Thompson talks about playing author, P.L. Travers, with (The New Yorker)

English, as we all know, makes no sense. (

Three JD Salinger stories find their way onto the internet. (USA Today)

Author, Hannah Kent, turns to Iceland for inspiration. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Have a look at some beautiful literary posters. (The Huffington Post)

Unlike athletes, writers tend to get better with age. (The Los Angeles Times)

Meet Glen Miranker. He’s got more Sherlock than anybody. (Forbes)

Boswell’s papers give a glimpse at life in the past. (Standing Point)

Here’s a bookish gift guide for children and teens. (The Los Angeles Times)

… and one from (Publishers Weekly)

“On this day in 1811 a final notice appeared in the Richmond, Virginia Inquirer asking for donations in aid of the destitute young actress, Eliza Poe, and her children, two-year-old Edgar and his baby sister, Rosalie:
To the Humane heart. On this night Mrs. Poe, lingering on the bed of disease and surrounded by her children, asks your assistance and asks it perhaps for the last time. The Generosity of the Richmond Audience can need no other appeal….“ (Today In Literature)


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