Sunday Evening Book Reviews

Michiko Kakutani on Robery Hilburn’s Johnny Cash: The Life: “The chief music critic and pop music editor for The Los Angeles Times for more than three decades, Mr. Hilburn writes most powerfully about Cash’s trajectory as an artist — about his place in a changing country music scene, the evolution of individual songs and the eclectic influences on his work, which wed the storytelling intimacy of Jimmie Rodgers to his love of gospel, blues and traditional folk to create something powerful and new.” (NYTimes)

Alice Short on Anita Shreve’s Stella Bain: “You might hope for a shattering plot twist midway through the novel or some startling psychological insight or an ending that is not necessarily filled with love and laughter. But you’ll have to find that elsewhere.” (LATimes)

Benjamin Evans on Lore Segal’s Half the Kingdom: “Not so much a cohesive narrative as an interconnected series of vignettes, many of Segal’s characters are reeling from the quotidian blows of old age: regret, loneliness, estrangement, miscommunication and declining lucidity. Yet her tonal poise continually offsets the sadness with razor-sharp ironies and gleeful wisecracks.” (Telegraph)

Max Liu on Paul Auster’s Report from the Interior: “Whether he’s remembering being the kid who was disappointed that his father didn’t fight in the Second World War or the poet who said he’d rather go to jail than Vietnam, Auster’s “you” is so annoying that I considered adopting it for this review. But I decided that it would be kinder to spare you.” (The Independent)

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