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Ian Rankin


Ian Rankin talks money with (The Telegraph)

Imagine there’s no negative reviews allowed. (The New York Times)

Slate Magazine picks their favorite books of 2013. (Slate)

Rare book theft makes a rare story. (The New York Times)

Harlan Ellison once pitched a Batman episode. (io9)

Mark Twain was a crank. Enjoy! (Flavorwire)

The Denver Post takes on a marijuana editor. (Gawker)

Fifty years gone, remembering C.S. Lewis. (The Huffington Post)

“On this day in 1821 Percy Shelley’s “Adonais,” his elegy to John Keats, was published in England in the Literary Chronicle. The poem has become a cornerstone document for those interested in Shelley (left) or Keats, or in all that is best and incredible in Romanticism. By linking Keats’s death at the age of twenty-five to the Adonis myth, Shelley helped immortalize the idea of the ‘tortured Romantic,’ he who has one eye upwards on the pursuit of Beauty and Truth…” (Today In Literature)

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