Monday Evening Book Reviews

Daniel Burton on (editor) Neil Gaiman’s Unnatural Creatures: “The sixteen tales collected are as creative as the creatures they feature, and with them Gaiman has produced a book as interesting and complete as any that he might have written himself.” (Blogcritics)

Mark Ford on Richard Burton’s A Strong Song Tows Us: The Life of Basil Bunting: ” Bunting emerges from Richard Burton’s thoroughly researched and enthralling biography as living a life far more active and variegated than the bookish Eliot’s, and even than the pugnacious, controversial Pound’s.” (The Guardian)

Jude Webber on Carlos Acosta’s Pig’s Foot: “The book’s lively cast of characters includes pygmy slaves from east Africa, a prophetic village soothsayer, a machete-wielding womaniser, a teenage architectural prodigy and the misfit narrator Oscar Mandinga himself, who instantly engages the reader’s sympathy with his blunt chattiness and the unlikely – but page-turning – saga of his ancestors, their passions and their secrets.” (Financial Times)

Jeff Labrecque on Ben Bradlee’s The Kid: “Fans will still revel in the Kid’s Fenway Park heroics, detailed beautifully here, but they’ll also see his more cantankerous side…” (

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