Wednesday Morning LitLinks

James McBride


National Book Award winning author, James McBride, talks about how he does it. (The Daily Beast)

Jonathan Myerson diagrams why children’s fiction can never be great literature. (The Guardian)

New York’s famed Chelsea Hotel has been home to a good few great writers. (The Huffington Post)

John Freeman sits down with (The Independent)

Slate cherry picks 2013 for a selection of favorite literary lines. (Slate)

Anna Holmes and Pankaj Mishra talk about holiday reading over at (The New York Times)

A book within a book, with a twist. The Guardian looks at books gifted in literature. (The Guardian)

Some ancient manuscripts are set to be scanned into the ‘Net. (The Huffington Post)

Fine literature as financial advisor? Why not? (The Christian Science Monitor)

The 2013 Pandora Award reveals its shortlist. (Women In Publishing)

“On this day in 1903 the crime writer Cornell Woolrich was born. Woolrich (sometimes as ‘William Irish’ or ‘George Hopley’) wrote two dozen novels and over two hundred stories, most of them so dark that he has been called ‘the Poe of the 20thcentury.’ Looking at the many movies made from his work — most famously, Hitchcock‘s Rear Window and Truffaut’s The Bride Wore Black…” (Today In Literature)


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