Tuesday Morning LitLinks

Aaaaaand we’re back…




First off, Shia LaBeouf, was plagiarizing left and right while we were away. (A.V. Club)

… and he equates authorship with censorship, and uses a lot of words he didn’t think up on his own. (Bleeding Cool)

… and apologized by skywriting. (CNN)

Eleanor Catton talks literature and elitism over at (Metro Magazine)

Rebecca Mead endeavored to summarize Jennifer Weiner’s efforts on all fronts in (The New Yorker)

If you never want a book deal, here’s how to do it. (Cracked)

Stephen King  joins Twitter. Some said it would never happen. (BuzzFeed)

Poet and playwright, Amiri Baraka, gave a scare, but is recovering at home in New Jersey. (NY Daily News)

Sadly, we lost a few in the past few weeks:

Novelist Hugh Nissenson, at age 80. Rest in peace. (The New York Times)

Romance author, Janet Dailey, at age 69. Rest in peace. (The New York Times)

Noveslist, blogger, and screenwriter, Ned Vizzini, at age 32. Rest in peace. (The Los Angeles Times)

Author Colin Wilson, at age 82. Rest in peace. (The New York Times)

“On this day in 1972 American poet John Berryman committed suicide at the age of fifty-seven. His 77 Dream Songs won the 1964 Pulitzer, and the writing of some 300 more over the subsequent years earned Berryman international fame, but his personal problems kept pace. These seem to stem from the severe trauma of his father’s early suicide, but whatever the cause, living became a volatile and destructive mix of compulsions — work, alcohol, sex, and four packs a day….” (Today In Literature)


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