Wednesday Morning LitLinks

Sinead Morrissey


Sinéad Morrissey takes the 2013 TS Eliot Prize for Poetry. (The Telegraph)

What to look for in books here at the top of 2014. (Quill & Quire)

The Scotsman profiles journalist, Tony Parker. (The Scotsman)

Questlove takes on the controversial nature of Amiri Baraka. (The New York Times)

Here’s a list of the 2013 National Jewish Book Award winners. (Jewish Book Council)

Here are the contenders for the award that honors the most scalding literary critique of 2013. (The Telegraph)

Translating Kafka is a bear. (The New Yorker)

If you don’t care for Hilary Clinton, there’s a reading list for that. (The Daily Beast)

Oyster, the e-reading subscription service, is getting traction funding. (GalleyCat)

James Frey might not be the most reliable cuss, but he know how to make money. (The Guardian)

Have a think on some of the best literary bromances with (The Huffington Post)

“On this day in 1891 the Russian poet Osip Mandelstam was born. While by no means the only writer driven to death by Stalin’s Reign of Terror, Mandelstam has become, for many, the symbol of all those so destroyed. This is partly due to his poetry — most rank him among the best Russian poets, some among the best of all 20th century poets — and partly due to his wife. Nadezhda Mandelstam salvaged many of Mandelstam’s banned poems by either memorizing them or collecting them in manuscript form…” (Today In Literature)


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Meeting was chaired by the district Party committee deputy secretary, mayor Huang Huigu, Party Secretary Yang Longjin made an important speech, the district Party committee deputy secretary Xiao Lijian read in recognition of the decision, the District Committee, District Commission for Discipline Inspection Chen Pingyang representative region of Discipline Inspection Commission standing committee made working report. Meeting the requirements to actively create a delicate gas is political ecology, innovative features, create a bright spot, form the brand, construction of a clean and honest government and promote the anti-corruption work in the new development, will strictly toward new height and open up a new situation. Yang Longjin said that in 2015, the region’s clean government and anti-corruption struggle has achieved results, mainly reflected in the “three new breakthroughs” and “three improvement”, “three pursuit”. 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Yang Longjin thinks, at present, the region’s clean government and anti-corruption work still exist some weak points and problems, mainly reflected in the following six aspects: mainly including “lax”, “not afraid”, not clean fingered self-discipline, not discipline rules do not speak, do not accept hand does not converge, dare not play innovation. As in the implementation of the two responsibilities, some units did not realistically catch fine catch in place, such as individual law enforcement departments, for violations of law enforcement cases occurred after the disposal, do not take the initiative to work, did not fulfill the main responsibility; some cadres to face the pending petition and other problems, timidity, dare to bear responsibility, explain away, to shirk responsibility, each other “kick the ball”; some are accustomed to when the nice guy, not to offend people, not seriously tackle tough problems, on the side of the illegal behavior of an eye, close one eye “; some party members and cadres of innovation consciousness is not strong, accustomed to follow the prescribed order, push move, not push do not move, or even push is not moving. Yang Longjin stressed, firmly grasp the key. 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In this regard, we must keep a clear enough political and to remain vigilant, adhere to the management and administration of the party is not to relax, is wind Su Ji does not stop, the corruption punishing evil does not hesitate to promote comprehensive strictly the party and party conduct Lianzheng construction made new achievements. Yang Longjin, grasp the clean government and anti-corruption work, in 2016 to promote the region’s economic and social stable and healthy development. Do a good job this year, to highlight the “six grasping”, namely grasping learning, grasp the key, grasp the combination, grasping rectification assessment, grasping system. study, deepen understanding. The prevention and control of corruption, the most important task is to do a good job learning education, build a strong ideological firewall”. The central and provincial, City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the plenary session spirit pass at the grassroots level, to convey to each party members and cadres, and enhance members cadres of political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, awareness of the core, par consciousness. grab the key, the implementation of the two responsibilities”. Honest government can realistically, the responsibility to implement the “key”. Party organization and discipline inspection organizations at all levels to implement the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities as must fulfill the political responsibility, as a political task must do a good job, firmly remember in heart, carry on the shoulder, grasping in hand, do selves, to defend their responsibility, to defend their duties. caught with outstanding work innovation. Combining with regional characteristics, based on the key, innovative ways, do a good job with the, adhere to and punishing anti combining, combined with the grass-roots party building, and election work to combine together, and he Cun with and advance the overall construction of a clean and honest government. catch rectification, establish a new ethos. Adhere to the problem oriented, seize the vital and critical, point point and shoot the target, proceed from the rectification, further tree upright, evil, purification political and ecological environment. To grasp the provincial inspection group assigned items of rectification; grasp the rectification of the key areas of; to do a good job of remediation of signs of problems, manage from the “comrades” to a prisoner in the intermediate zone. catch assessment, strengthen supervision and accountability. To play a good assessment of the “baton” and accountability of the “golden cudgel” role, strengthen on the two responsibilities to implement the supervision and inspection of the situation and of poor performance of their duties, must be serious accountability. To start the “investigations ask responsibility” and “a case of double check mechanism, both parties held directly responsible, but also to pursue the leadership responsibilities related to the leadership, but also held responsible for the supervision of the units and discipline personnel, true to form to promote clean government responsibility for the implementation of the” closed cycle effect “. grasping system, the formation of long-term norm. In the implementation of the “Regulations” “standards” and a series of regulations of the party at the same time, we should strengthen the system construction, strengthen the implementation of the system, strict supervision within the party. To strictly implement democratic centralism, to implement the “triple a” matters of collective decision-making, “leaders bottom position” system to ensure the standardization of power operation, open, the rule of law. , the Township Street (area) Party (workers) Committee submitted the 2016 annual clean government responsibility.

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